Wednesday, May 13, 2009

S'More Courante - half poll & for sale

This is S'More Courante out of Bramble McDreamie and S'More Spunky. His mother is directly behind him. Juliann confirmed that this boy is a half poll coming from Spunky's side. He was born with flat patches and both tiny tips that have emerged have been broken off already. He is a huge ram lamb (first born of the year) with a very soft and silky even fleece. Square and great conformation.

Tori is showing him in the fair this summer but Courante is for sale and will be available in Aug (this is Mom reporting as she is doing homework at the moment). Please encourage Tori, if you get a chance, as I'm sure it is going to be extremely tough to show this boy next to big horned, big primitive fleeces at our county fair.


Michelle said...

I would be interested in him if I hadn't just sent a deposit off to Karen for my next ram. He looks lovely. Last year I showed my single-coated half-poll with just bone knobs at Black Sheep Gathering, and although he didn't place in the huge ram class, the judge did say when he looked him over, "Well, this guy will never have to worry about bad horns." I was happy because YES, that is one of my reasons for going polled!

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

I am so glad I finally found this blog-I've wanted to see some of these mentioned lambs.

And I love that lamb. I really like that lamb. No matter how he places-he is a very good lamb!

Voni said...

He is VERY handsome!

Unknown said...

HI! I was wondering if you could send me more info on your sheep for sale. My e-mail is

P.S.You wouldn't by chance have any boer goats would you?