Thursday, March 26, 2009

S'More Lambs!

Here is a list of all my purebred lambs:

S'More Spunky X Bramble McDreamie : a super grey kat ram

SheltrgPines Corina X Bramble McDreamie : moorit ram, moorit ewe, fawn light badgerface ram (all are superb, and should be show quality)

S'More Smily X UTS Torvus : dark mioget ram, champagne mioget krunet ram (the 'champagne' mioget boy - he's a light gold - is extremely silky. You'd just have to feel him! But his bro is great too.)

S'More Coppelia X UTS Torvus : two nice, soft moorit ewes

S'More Gypsy X UTS Apache : dark blue emsket ram, emsket gulmoget ewe


Isn't she cute? This is Gypsy's emsket (pretty sure, Mom and I both checked) gulmoget ewe. She has a good structure and a silky-soft fleece. I'm sure she's a keeper. I've already spoiled her!

This little bear-face is Gypsy's emsket ram. He will be a dark blue emsket with a soft, silky fleece. I hope he has good horns, to match his conformation (because it's nice.) He is taking after his dad, UTS Apache. Great boy, but why couldn't he be a nice little girl?

A shot of Corina's light badgerface boy. He'll be nice! He has a very soft, crimpy fleece - like both Corina and Dreamie. Great conformation and good body, too.

Corina's middle child, her moorit ewe. This girl has an outstanding structure already, and a crimpy fleece. Nice straight topline, good deep body, and a square backend with a perfect tail. Now why couldn't I get a picture to show all that? She was either sleeping or bouncing. All well. More pics later.

Corina's moorit ram has, as you can see, a great conformation (can you see his tiny tail?) He will be a nice moorit ram with a good fleece, definitely show quality.

Coppelia, my moorit ewe, had two very nice, cute brown girls. This is the first one, who is bigger than her sister. She has a very silky, soft fleece, and a great conformation. Depending on what Corina's ewe looks like, she will be my replacement for somebody. But it's still way to early to tell.

Coppelia's second ewe. She is also very soft, with more crimp than her sister, at the moment. She looks like she'll be a square ewe too.

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Kara said...

Beautiful lambs Tori! That gulmoget ewe is a real cutie, I can see why she is spoiled already.