Here is the blanket I entered in 4-H, Other Basic Crafts. It got a blue at the State Fair. I made it for my friend Sarah, using various shades of her favorite color, green, blended with her second-fave colors, blue and purple. I used 1 fleece of Petal's ( light grey smirslet) and Spunky's britch (white), along with some of Laura's white mohair and Bountiful's angelina (sparkly fibers in many colors). I  did the whole process- washing, dying, blending/carding, spinning, weaving on the triangle loom (two 6-foot tri's), and single crocheting around the edges.

I blended 4 different shades of the green, all except one blended with blue and purple. The weaving process on the triangle loom, since you are weaving and warping at the same time, automatically creates the plaid pattern.

All of the green blended batts- blending is fun!

This is the blanket I made for Lindsey in 2009, slightly smaller than the other one (I didn't have enough yarn!) Her fave colors, too!

These are two separate pieces, both of which I have previouly entered in 4-H. The flower won grand champ and went to State Fair like the green blanket, the butterfly got an honor. For the flower, I did a hard wet pre-felting, and added detail and futher stiffened it with needle felting. I wet-felted the butterfly's mohair/wool backround and needle felted the rest. I attempted to get it very light and airy, but it didn't quite work out exactly like I wanted. Oh well.