Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So Far..

I already know I have too many nice lambs to choose from...

Sonata x 'Black' - Ram on the left, ewe on the right.

Corina x Broderick - Light badgerface ewe!

Corina x Broderick - Moorit katmoget ewe

Coppelia x Coburg - Black ewe, Moorit ram

Toccata x Pegasus - Moorit ewe, missing one little foot to qualify for HST!
Dark grey kat ewe.

 Arabesque x Dungaree - Moorit ewe, White ram.

Spunky x Coburg - White ram

Cotillion x Walden - Black ewe, grey ram

Allemande x Velour - Black ewe, dark grey katmoget ewe

Petal x Broderick - Grey moget ram

Fantasy x Walden - 2 spotted grey rams

Smily x Coburg - Moorit spotted ram, Mioget spotted ram

Only two more to go for me!

Monday, March 19, 2012

First Lambies!

                                                             Sonata x 'Black' - 1 Ram, 1 Ewe
White ewe! Yay! She's the one in the back. Her name has to be Sonatina, of course:) Both are super soft; the ram feels a little denser.