Monday, June 18, 2012

Keeper Ewe Lambs

So while I haven't been posting, the little weeds - er, lambs- have been growing up. I've been taking pictures all along, but I always seemed to be missing at least one, and by the time I got that one, the rest looked completely different.. Ah well. Here they are at last, most being relatively recently taken, with younger-to-older pics of some.

P.S. -that is, they were recent when I started this 2 weeks ago..oh well..

(Toccata x Pegasus) My little moorit spotty rogue. For a while she was quite short and squat- everything but her legs grew! She's getting some height now, but she's still very deep bodied, wide, square, and muscular. I wish she had a shapelier head and a higher earset, but all in all, she's a nice little girl. 

(Tango x Walden)  I don't like playing favorites, but..she's cute. And she has personality. Lots of it. Like her mother, who is also a fave.. Anyway, she is the lightest of the 3 kat ewe lambs, but with lots of darker spots interspersed in her lovely lustrous, dense, soft fleece. She has good conformation - long, deep, muscular, and solid. This isn't a very recent pic, so she doesn't look quite the same now. I know better than to promise more pictures soon though..

(Toccata x Pegasus) An extremely dark spotted kat, this girl has great conformation, breed character, and, obviously, a gorgeous fleece.  This isn't a recent picture either, so she isn't this small compared to her sister! She is developing nicely and will be a good little ewe.

(Allemande x Velour) Probably the best all-around ewe lamb of mine this year. Very square, nice topline, deep, great head and tail. Her fleece has lots of color variation, and it is lustrous, dense, and soft.

(Corina x Broderick) Like-mother-like-daughter here. Wide, deep, long, and square. Good head and tail, showing those very definite light badgerface markings. She will have a gorgeous fleece!! Soft and silky and lustrous. Could be denser, but that's just because I want more of the fleece she's got!

(Sonata x WS 'Black') 'Sonatina', with her brother (she's in the back). Sorry not a great shot here. Sonatina has great conformation - very wide, deep, long, muscular, and well-rounded for a young lamb. Her fleece, though shorter than I like so far, is extremely soft, fairly dense, and fine. She's very  bright white too, not that you'd know it from looking at her now..

She looked so funny... A chunky baby, for sure.

(Samba x Dungaree) Aside from her looks, this girl has a very cushy soft, very dense, bright white fleece that promises to be pretty fine. She's also very wide, muscular, and solid all round. Her looks, though - yes, I would certainly refine her head a bit.
P.S.- she looks better now:)

Monday, April 30, 2012

Some Fleeces










The List

 Pictures will be posted as I can get them, and feel free to contact me for more information. Pedigrees are available on the NASSA database.

Adult Ewes


Marcia- Moorit

Ewe Lambs

Cotillion x Walden - Black  

Allemande x Velour - Black

Corina x Broderick - Fawn Katmoget

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So Far..

I already know I have too many nice lambs to choose from...

Sonata x 'Black' - Ram on the left, ewe on the right.

Corina x Broderick - Light badgerface ewe!

Corina x Broderick - Moorit katmoget ewe

Coppelia x Coburg - Black ewe, Moorit ram

Toccata x Pegasus - Moorit ewe, missing one little foot to qualify for HST!
Dark grey kat ewe.

 Arabesque x Dungaree - Moorit ewe, White ram.

Spunky x Coburg - White ram

Cotillion x Walden - Black ewe, grey ram

Allemande x Velour - Black ewe, dark grey katmoget ewe

Petal x Broderick - Grey moget ram

Fantasy x Walden - 2 spotted grey rams

Smily x Coburg - Moorit spotted ram, Mioget spotted ram

Only two more to go for me!

Monday, March 19, 2012

First Lambies!

                                                             Sonata x 'Black' - 1 Ram, 1 Ewe
White ewe! Yay! She's the one in the back. Her name has to be Sonatina, of course:) Both are super soft; the ram feels a little denser.