Saturday, March 21, 2009

Triplets! (and twins!)

These SheltrgPines Corina x Bramble McDreamie triplets were born yesterday. There is a moorit ram, a moorit ewe, and a fawn moget ram (actually, neither of the parents carry a grey gene, so he can't be moget. Mom says he's a 'light badgerface.' It involves complicated genetics. So... Whatever:) Anyway, I am very disappointed I didn't get a grey kat girl! I mean, what are the odds? A grey kat x a grey kat, and they both throw the opposite gene. Oh well. They are all very nice, even if they are not exactly what I wanted. The fawn ram is extremely crimpy and lustrous.

Two more rams :( They are out of S'more Smily x UTS Torvus. Of course, both are mioget, and they will most likely be very fine, as both mother and father are. The first one (on top), is a darker mioget, while the second one will be an extremely light champagne color (he also has a krunet.) They will both be high-quality boys, hopefully with good horns (they have huge horn buds.)
I'll try and get more photos up soon, hopefully with some more ewe lambs (working around the 40+ ewes yet to lamb!)


Ebonwald Cardigans said...

hey is that mother a light badgerface? I'd like to see the 'purse' on her son in the photo that is moget face/light badger face. I'd like ONE animal that has that in my flock to preserve the genetics a little. if you decide to sell the mom let me know

Angela Rountree said...

Congratulations on your beautiful lambs, particularly on Gavotte's little half brothers. :)