Friday, September 2, 2011

The Yearlings

Hey, it's almost fall 2011- does anybody want to know what last year's lambs look like?! Well, here they are, minus Valse,  who I still could not get a good picture of (guess why :). Ah yes, the yearlings. Such individuals- each with their own very independent personalitys - the spoiled, the aristocrats, the brats. They are my best lamb crop, with each one being different, but with consistent good conformations, good breed type, and nice soft lustrous fleeces on all of them.


Samba. Good conformation on a little smaller scale than her sister. Samba has a fine, very soft, very lustrous fleece with good staple lengh. Her lamb fleece was super fine, with extreme crimp. Not quite so extreme now, more mid-range, which is ok with me, because I can't spin laceweight! I showed her fleece under an experienced spinner/weaver/etc. judge at the Fiber Event who said laceweight spinners would go crazy over her tiny little crimp and fineness! Samba passed inspection with UK inspector Kate Sharp at WSWF. Kate said she was typical of the Shetland Isles type.

Cotillion ('Coti').  She's  got a good conformation with great breed character, and a medium sized frame.  Coti has a pretty fleece, similar to the typical grey kat - not terribly dense, but silky, very lustrous, and soft.

Arabesque. She has a nice fleece, a touch too britchy, but very dense, fairly lustrous, and soft. Very good conformation and breed character.

Allemande ('Alli'). Spoiled rotten, nice little ewe. Good conformation, head, tail, and a nice fleece that is staying a true black so far, with not much sunbleaching.

Tango. She has a very darkly shaded steel blue-ish grey fleece, soft, not as lustrous as most kats because of her deep color, and very dense.

Toccata. Great breed character. Nice soft fleece with good color, sort of your typical grey kat type.

Valse, my other fawn (really fawn, as in modified, not moorit as most 'fawn' kats are) kat, is a nice medium sized ewe with a good conformation and a highly lustrous, very silky handling, soft fleece with a ~4-6'' staple. Oh, and she's spoiled, which is why you'll have to look at the posts below for her most recent picture:)


stephen rouse said...

Is arabesque a katmoget? The fleece shot (parted) looks like white fleece. Is it a different sheep?

Theresa said...

Yes, Arabesque is a moorit kat. Her fleece just doesn't have much color, other than her solid stripes and britch shading.